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Ngabo for Toronto Showcase

Rwandan visual Artist Christian Ngabo alias “Grandbills is gearing up for his debut Art exhibition in March this year.


Rwandan visual Artist Christian Ngabo alias “Grandbills is gearing up for his debut Art exhibition in March this year.

Under the organisation of GrandBills and Artscape, the exhibition titled “Dreams for the sleepless” is Ngabo’s debut showcase taking place in Toronto from February 28- Mar 14th, 2023.

Artist Grandbills

The exhibition which is of rare materials that fully express style, value, composition and different perspectives from personified symbols in modern context of time presents another uniqueness in Ngabo’s craft.

The Toronto and Washington DC based visual artist who works with the use of beads, oil paint and spray paint on canvas as a medium to express a unique style of art inspired by passion and love to display context of time, history, books, Rap and nature through the brush strokes in motion like a pendulum. The use of abstract symbols and colours to personify the expression of objects through composition, an other elements of art that fully express a unique experience from his artworks.

Born and raised in Kigali, Rwanda, Ngabo’s major shift came years ago when he moved to the US with his parents and siblings.

Being the first born played a big role in my life as I got to learn directly from parents about leadership and setting examples which led me to explore different sorts of activities and hobbies such as art, basketball, books and science. Being active, open minded, learning and comprehending content in order to expand ideas for greater results drew me closer to the Art profession

GrandHills inc is art and crafts franchise founded by Grandbills. With the grand goal and purpose to represent Rwandan artists globally in unique style, driven by originality and great composition to support all elements of art. Founded in 2020, Grandbills has showcased in Toronto, Montreal city repetitively. He has exhibited over 5 artworks in renowned gallery in Ottawa (gallea gallery), and museum of dufferin county.

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