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Rwandan Photographers to stage Public PhotoShoot


Making way, is 4to Shoot, an event to feature exclussive photoshoots for the public.

Kicking off in January till March 2018, 3 skilled Rwandan photographers will labour in a combined effort to hold live photography shooting sessions with public.

As a surprise for photography lovers in Kigali, the January seeions are ebtirely free of charge to public, across various selected locations.

“We want to do this as to sensitize society, while helping us nurture our skills,” explains David Murenzi, a photographer, and one of the event’s organisers.

The project brings together Simeon Uwiringiyeyesu (Simy Images), Bakary and David Mutabazi of 1k Studio, who also aim at branding thenselves.

The photographers have always worked together, but each under a seperate company, they further emerged with a thought of a joint project, to help them grow together

The artists needed that difference of working together, as they grow one another in skill and client base, than running individual projects.

“Our aim to to combine our knowledge and give the best output ever, growing one another and be in people’s minds where anyone in need of our services knows where and how to reach us,” Mutabazi states.

Check out Instagram works by each photographer;


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