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15 Rwandan Songs that Set a Great Mark in 2018

With 2018 having set off, Rwanda held several hits, which left a great mark, and will probably still be our favorite. ArtsGlo takes a look at some of these songs, which wont be forgotten;

My Karabo by Kamichi
His return after close to 5 years off the musical scene definitely refuted claims of how he had shelved his talent. The US based Afro-beat musician revived many hearts, while he took many more into appreciating his immense vocal skills. The song released in September still holds a great place.


Let Me Dance by Roi G
In Afro pop, yet Gospel this song holds a place- yet it can also find a way onto not only the church, but the club dance floors. Roi.G ‘s move is one which was a twist into the genre, bringing on a groovy sound and face to his music. Listening to the song will definitely give one a second thought.

Roi G

Ibihe by Israel Mbonyi
Now a household name for his music, the Gospel musician continues to cement a firm reputation, right from studio to the stage. This song is loved for its assuring lyrics to believers of the scriptures, and more so his vocals too.

Israel Mbonyi

Rwiyoborere by Alyn Sano
She is a less known act, though her songs are quite a catch for most. Sano’s musical moves are quite eating deeper into hearts.

Ryiyoborere by Sano

Ma Vie by Social Mula
Ever since he was being underrated, Social Mula has this year cemented a firmer musical reputation, where through performance, he also graced the Kigali Jazz Junction-a monthly Jazz event. Adding to a few more, Ma Vie impressed many for its devour and lyrics.

Social Mula

Yambi by Amalon
September was a great one for Amalon, who before was barely known. The artist who had previously been so deeper into the Rap Genre came to the lime light through Yambi. Introduced by 1K Entertainment, his current management label, the song was mainly loved first for its authenticity through vocals, the live acoustic feel, and the touching story it entails about survival among most youth.


Iyo Utegereza by Igor Mabano
Barely was he known before this, but Igor Mabano came to the limelight in October-when he released this Zouky tune. Working with Kina Music, a Rwandan management and Record label was quite fruitful, and since then we are hopeful how he might be the next big thing (after Christopher Muneza’s departure from this label).

Igor Mabano

2. Adi Top by Meddy
Meddy’s release of this banger quite lured many to the dance floor. For its groovy Afro beats and more so was its seductive video, which bewildered many for its choreography. This hit, which was released in October followed others like Slowly, which was regionally embraced and U Got It (Safi Madiba), which was a great banger especially back home in Rwanda. The US based Afro R&B musician has since then embarked onto a a continental tour, both for performance and other career related issues.


Najyayo by Uncle Austin
Considering how Tosh Austin Luwano is known, as majorly an Afro-beat and Dance hall act, who has also released a few impressive Reggae hits, his release of Najyayo blew many for its Soulful and rhythmic sail. To many, the song released in February was sang, and earned the artist more fans.

Uncle Austin

Down Slow by Kevin Skaa Ft Danny Beats
Rising taller is Kevin Skaa. This song as enjoyed by keen music lovers is one barely believed to be baked in Rwanda. Featuring Danny Beats, who produces it, it is a great taste to last.

Down Slow by Kevin Skaa Ft Danny Beats

Icyoroshye by Sintex
This song has more seen the act scaling higher. With several videos from the public joining the Icyoroshye Challenge, the song captured many. 2018 year has really fronted Sintex among those promising acts from the land.


Ntakibazo by Urban Boys, Riderman and Bruce Melodie
May gave a great musical breath to the club life. When Afro-beat, Rap and Afro R&B meet, this is what comes to life. As many great hits have come and gone, this one has held onto the local playlists, and of course proved to many of how the Urban Boys were still strong after the Safi Madiba called it quits.

Urban Boys, Riderman and Bruce Melodie

Bape by Dj. Marnuad Ft Active Again
The song dropped in June, was a knock out for the summer. The first time a Rwandan Deejay collaborated with musician, this result was of great success. Till date, the song still a great party recipe for most clubs and parties for its liveliness and groovy beats.

Bape by Dj Marnuad Ft Active Again

Fine Girl by The Ben
2018 had a great seal to it. With Ben Mugisha releasing Fine Girl, he introduced a new vibe of himself. Produced by Nigeria’s Krizz Beats, this song takes many to the Dance-floor.

Fine Girl by The Ben

Urugero by Knowless Butera
After a while, the Kina Music Afro-R&B Songstress gave her fans something to hold onto . The song is a real sail into romance, and is indeed a plus for Butera.

Urugero by Knowless


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