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Best Couple Awards 2017 for 1st Edition Grand Finale


Making entry onto the Rwandan entertainment scene is the Best Couple Awards. Taking place on December 22, at the Mirror Hotel in Kigali, the event comes as a platform for recognizing and awarding of outstanding couples. From a couple’s appearance, sense of style According to organizers.

Initiated by Jolie Umugwaneza, together with Diane Umuhoza, her friend the event was founded with the aim of creating a platform for recognition and appreciation of couples.

“I’ve always admired similar concepts, which are aired on MTV Base and other foreign entertainment televisions channels, and desired to do an event related to that,” explains Umugwaneza.

The 20 year old further sought of a way through which outstanding couples can be awarded, hence Best Couple Awards. So far the event has attracted partners like the Mirror Hotel, TV 10, and is in talks with KFM Radio.

Jolie Umugwaneza, one of the event's founders

Jolie Umugwaneza, one of the event’s founders

Via TV 10, through interviews, contesting couples will share their experience so as to further appeal to their audience. The contest, open to adult couples, who are dating, or married.

Best Couple Awards event was founded with the aim of creating a platform for recognition and appreciation of stylish couples...

Best Couple Awards 2017

For close to two weeks, via 2017 Best Couple Awards Instagram page, where and contestants are pushing for a chance to be voted. Here the public gets a chance to vote a couple by liking its photograph, where the best stands higher chances of winning.

The challenge so far is making this concept to be known and understood by Rwandans,

“It isn’t a couples’ party, but a platform for appreciation of outstanding couples,” she explains.

Having registered over 10 couples, who joined the competition, most have opted out mainly due to the fact that they hadn’t understood the competition, yet others claim how they fear how tougher it gets. So far, 3 couples are racing to the final, which ends on December 22 2017.

As part of this event, there will be live music performances by musicians Andy Bumuntu, Yemba Voice, Muchoma, and comedian

“We are hoping to take this event beyond just Rwanda, but onto regional level,”  Umugwaneza adds.



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