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Meddy Acknowledges his longtime Rwandan Producers

Musician meddy
Musician Meddy


Afro-R&B musician Médard Jobert Ngabo, who by most is known as Meddy admits how Lick Lick and Cedru are great legends to him.

Musician meddy

Musician Meddy

Meddy says he takes them as icons, who pioneered Rwandan music, yet taking it to a new level, “I began with them, and since start they’ve been in the center of my career, ” he explains.

The two producers, who also relocated to America, where they initiated Press One management label, are still acknowledged for their influence amongst most Rwandan musician’s careers. Cedru is a video producer, who  famously rose between 2007 to 2010 behind the production label Show Face, while Lick Lick spanned with in the same period as a music producer, and worked with various musicians, who rose more.

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The two producers are still carry on with their work, and have been felt more through producing for Rwandan musicians like The Ben, Meddy, Princess Pricilla, Emmy, Kitoko among other , whose works have gained great acknowledgement.

For seven year Meddy has been in US, where he has furthered her musical career. He is famous through songs Sibyo, Ntawamusimbura, Slowly, his latest.





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