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Love Film?- Check out the Mashariki Film Festival Screening Program

Following the successful scrutiny, the Mashariki African Film Festival (MAAFF), which is one of the fastest growing film hubs from Rwanda recently, released the list of selected films to feature this year.
Mashariki African Film Festival


Returning for the 3rd Edition, and taking place from March 25th to 31st, 2017 in Kigali-Rwanda is the Mashariki African Film Festival. You surely would wish to explore the rich film creativity on board this year. Here is the full schedule of films to be screened and their venues.

OPENING FILM, March 25th , 2017

Venue: Kigali Convention & Exhibition Village (CAMP KIGALI)

1.La Pirogue by Mossa Touré


 VENUES: IMPACT HUB (The Office)-Kiyovu, IRIBA Center, GOETHE Institut

SUNDAY, March 26th , 2017

Venue 1: IMPACT HUB (The Office)-Kiyovu

6.00-7.30: Her mother’s Daughter by Carine bado, 1:27’45’’, Burkina Faso

7.35-7.52: Oswenka by Nondumiso Buthelezi, 16’16’’, South Africa

7.55-8.25: Pygmées et Moi  by Pitshou Tshiovo, 30’, DRC

8.30- 8.45: Les Gros Cailloux by Jean Richard Niyongabo, 14’31’’, Burundi

8.47-9.00: HABIBA by Sena Calmine AGBOFOUN, 13’05’’, Benin

Venue 2: IRIBA Center

6.00-7.18: White Potion by Ashraf Said Mswaki, 1:18’, Tanzania

7.25-7.35: Battle by General Gathu, 9’19’’, Kenya

7.40-9.00: My Mother’s Story by Flora Suya, 1:20’, Malawi


Venue 1: IMPACT HUB (The Office)-Kiyovu

6.00-7.07: Matshozi by Mina Mitenge & Emmanuel Lupia, 1:06’45’’, DRC

7.10-8.03: Un film avec toi by Jean Daniel Lafond, 52’03’’, Canada

8.05-8.31: Facing the wall by Alamork Davidian, 25’01’’, Ethiopia

8.35-8.55: Toba by Cecimercy Wanza Andengah, 20’ Kenya

Venue 2: IRIBA Center

5.00-5.52: Waiting the Third Prophet by Seck Moustapha, 52’, Senegal

6.00-6.14: Silence by Amog Lemra, 13’55’’, DRC

6.20- 6.44: Water to dust by Mitchelle Jangara, 23’28’’, Kenya

6.50-8.28: Subira by Steve ominde, 1:37’58’’, Kenya

8.35-8.54: Akello by Walta Gabriel Busulwa, 18’04’’, Uganda

Venue 3: GOETHE Institut

6.00-6.52: The fruitless tree by Aicha Macky, 52’, Niger

7.00-8.30: Fievres by Hicham Ayouch, 1:30’’, France-Morocco

8.35- 8.53: Marabout by Alassane SY, 18’, Senegal


Venue 1: IMPACT HUB (The Office)-Kiyovu [KINYARWANDA DAY]

6.00-6.15: Fastest woman in Africa by Faustin Niyigena, 14’17’’, Rwanda

6.20-6.28: A Beautiful Exchange by Nicole Kamanzi, 7’28’’, Rwanda

6.35-6.42: Football for Peace by Habib Kanobana, 6’29’’, Rwanda

7.00-8.30: Urugamba by Muniru Habiyakare

8.40-9.03: Torment by Nyirinkwaya Ngoma, 22’33’’, Rwanda

9.10-9.15 : La femme nue  by Mutiganda wa Nkunda, 4’19’’, Rwanda

9.20-9.37: It works by Munezero Emmanuel Harris, 16’46’’, Rwanda

Venue 2: IRIBA Center

6.00-7.17: Abasezi by Emile Dineen, 1:16’16’’, Uganda

7.20-7.45: Honorable by James Abinibi, 24’52’’, Nigeria

7.50-8.35: Scattered Hearts by Ola Elmallah, 45’, Egypt

8.35-8.57: The camel’s back by Ari Michelle Mboya, 21’37’’, Kenya


Venue 2: IRIBA Center

6.00-6.55: Anger in the wind by Amina Weira, 54’14’’, Niger

7.00-8.55: Le Voyage des Oubliés  by Senami Kpetehogbe, 1:55’, Benin


Venue 1: IMPACT HUB (The Office)-Kiyovu

Black Sister’s Street/Rue des Soeurs Noires by Aicha Thiam, 1:06’, Senegal

Mothers/Les mamans by Maïmouna Doucouré, 21’03’’, Senegal

Venue 2: IRIBA Center

6.00-7.22: Sinema ujamaa by Wilson Rumisha, 1:21’, Tanzania

7.25-7.38: The Fight goes On by Laurentine Bayala, 13’, Burkina Faso

7.40-9.00: N.G.O by Zizuke Zigashane, 1:20’43’’, Uganda

CLOSING FILM, March 31st, 2017

Venue: Kigali Convention & Exhibition Village (CAMP KIGALI)

Tey by Alain Gomis





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