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Voted for your Favorite ASFA 2016 Icon?

The voting lines for the Abryanz Style & Fashion Awards(ASFA) 2016 are officially open. HOW TO VOTE. The voting process is being done via two official lines; online at our website, and on social media( Instagram and twitter), by use of the hash tags provided ( #Asfas2016Nominee#Asfa2016) The public voting carries a 40% power and the 60% is held by our panel of esteemed judges from the ASFAS Academy.


  1. Visit the link on our official site for the Abryanz Style & Fashion Awards,
  2. When on the home page, click onto the 2016 awards drop down menu and select Vote, and this will take you directly to the category list.

3.Chose a category for which you want to cast a vote which will bring a drop down containing a list of nominees for that category. Each nominee has an image attached to their name, to make it easy for you to vote.

  1. Select the nominee of your choice, in order to vote for them. You’ll then be prompted to Log in with either Facebook, Twitter or Google Plus in order to vote.
  2. Voting online is done once for each account name (in this case Facebook, Twitter or Google Plus), and you can choose to change your vote, at any time.
  3. Your vote is confidential and not viewable by other participants.


  1. To vote using social media, you need to have an active Instagram, or twitter account.
  2. Post the voting banner or image of the nominee that you wish to vote for.
  3. Caption the image with the name of the category for which you wish to vote for, and the name of the nominee.

For example, I VOTE Moshions (Rwanda) FOR FASHION DESIGNER OF THE YEAR(RWANDA) #AsfaNominees#Asfa2016 PLEASE NOTE: You can vote as many times as possible with this platform. Voting on social media can only be done on Instagram and twitter. Good luck to all the nominees.

Rooting from Uganda in East Africa, the Abryanz Style & Fashion Awards (ASFA) is an event which exclusively recognizes and awards outstanding icons in the African fashion fraternity.


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