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Ugandan film Eying the 2020 Oscars

However for the full Oscar nomination of the film, it has to be widely watched locally, and rated through reviews, hence its chances to…


Trending within Uganda’s film industry is the film ‘Order From Above‘ , which was recently selected by the Uganda Academy Selection Committee (UCSC), for submission to the 2020 American Oscars Awards, under the Best International Film Category.

Directed by Steve.T. Atenyi, the film is more the talk of town due to the fact that it brings the story of Kony, the LRA rebel Leader onto the screens.

Order from Above

The Film; Two children (Otti and Aguti) fall in love during the tumultuous Northern Uganda Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA) insurgency, but are separated when Otti is abducted at the age of 11.

A scene from the film

Watch trailer;

However for the full Oscar nomination of the movie, it has to be widely watched by natives (in this case Ugandans).

Under the hashtag #TakeKonyMovieTotheOscars , Ugandans are embarking onto a campaign to see to it that the film is widely watched.

With attendance and positive reviews being crucial part of the selection process, the film’s screening is already on first in Ugandan Cinemas, from September 20 -26 September 2019, at Century Cinemax, Acacia Mall, Kisementi in Kampala.


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