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Rapper Valsero jailed over Protests

Cameroonian Rapper Valsero
Cameroonian Rapper Valsero


Famous Cameroonian Rapper Valsero was recently arrested and is under detention for allegedly participating in a peaceful demonstration.

From time, through his music, the Rapper advocated for freedom, peace and against oppressive leadership.
Général Valsero’s activism did not go unnoticed by the Cameroonian authorities. On 26 January, he was arrested in front of his child, after he participated in a peaceful demonstration. His child has not seen him since. 

Cameroonian Rapper Valsero
Cameroonian Rapper Valsero

Valsero, like 130 people arrested, faces 8 charges spanning rebellion, hostility against the homeland and incitement to insurrection, which are likely to be punishable by a death penalty.

Freedom by Général Valsero
Resistance by Général Valsero


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