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Barge Party takes Break Off, Patnering with Nyege Nyege Festival

Berge Party
Berge Party


For its fans, Barge Party is taking a break off this year. The event, which is one of the country’s most outstanding ones for  the last 5 years is taking a little break this year.

Berge Party

Berge Party

According to organizers, this is to focus more on performances and production as well as building the next phase for its return- promising as bigger, with more days of fun and more activity.

“In light of this we are partnering with Nyege Nyege Festival 2018 to bring you a Kigali Nyege Nyege warm up party – a statement noted

The Kigali Nyege Nyege warm up party is to take place at Mamba  Club on 4th August 2018.

For the past years, Barge Party has crafted its self as a unique event taking people into a sail of unique party fun by the waters.


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