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Vybz Shares Inspiration Behind New Song Collabo

Rwandan Reaggae musician Vaga Vybz

Trending onto the regional Reggae charts is MAN A RASTA, a song collaboration between Rwanda’s Vaga Vybz and Styles from the Gagamel Camp from Uganda.

From jamming reggae tunes, the song, with its video out now, directed by A-B Godwin is a catchy one to swing to.

  “This project it was done to share our daily lifestyles or levity as Rasta people and uplifting messages at the climax of the song,” explains Vybz.


This project has no boundaries; it speaks to everyone because it’s basically about everyday life which everybody goes through,” explains Vybz.

Vaga vybz is a Rwandan Reggae Dancehall Artist on the front revolution of Afro reggae and dance hall genres up to more acknowledgment.
With two albums releases, and the third soon in January 2017, of which some songs have been released such as the two collaborations from Uganda, it also includes a collaboration with an Eritrean reggae artist.

Am now ready to share my music through shows and concerts. My band is ready to play in different locations in and out of the country,” he affirms.



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