Afroman Spice Recruits new Member


Debie Kagisa is the new spice lady joining the Afroman Spice, an all women’s theatre company in Uganda.

Afroman Spice is an all women’s theatre company in Uganda.
Kagisa in the group’s new member

Kagisa replaces Sandra Nankoma, who has been a core group member and actress since 2015, and is embarking on a solo career, but still with ties to the group.

Kagisa brings her flare, talent and unique charm to the famous group.

Nabasa Linda, a co-founder and team of Afroman Spice, says that this change is to make Afroman Spice bigger and better.

“If you think you have seen the best of Afroman Spice, well you are in for a big surprise,” she stated.

“We are thrilled to have Debie join us, she is not only hardworking, ambitious but also a great team player.’’ Rashida, also a member said.

Afroman spice opens 2018 with their new witty, satirical musical ‘SLAY QUEENS OF AFRICA.’ And this year they plan to have more shows for their fans and friends.

Afroman Spice, which is known through its quite theatre craft of enticing pieces, which capture society’s reflection of life, with a woman as a center, was started by, Rashida Namulondo, Sandra Nankoma and Linda Nabasa.


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