Interesting Facts you need to know about Musician Neza


  • Born in Kinshsasa in the Democratic Republic of Congo, by a Rwandan family, 2017 Africa Music Awards winner Neza, is influenced by vocalists such as  Mbilia Bel,Koffi Olomide, Wenge Music and Madilu System, believes Nigeria is the melting point for African music.

    Neza has released various songs including Slay Mama, My Baby featuing MC Galaxy and Uranyica, which is her prominent song in Rwanda.
    Musician Neza
  • Patricia Neza Masozera, known as Neza was a Canadan-based singer who recently relocated to Lagos, Nigeria, so as to take on music as her beloved passion.
  • The 23-year-old songstress is currently signed to MCG Empire music, a management label owned by Nigerian Artiste MC Galaxy.
  • Before this all, Neza is believed to have dumped her high-paying job in the Canadian government to pursue her passion, music and dance, in Lagos, Nigeria.

Watch Uranyica

  • The vocalist is also a linguist, fluent in languages Kinyarwanda, a language spoken in Rwanda, English, French, Lingala from Congo and Swahili, an East African language.
  • In her move to improve her African craft of music, Neza is working to fuse some of Congolese and Rwandan sounds to the Afro sound so as to captivate the world. Already onto MC Galaxy’s recent album, featured are four of Neza’s tracks, which are sang in Lingala, in French, and in Kinyarwanda.


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