East African Nights of Torelence Dance Festival Returns


Returning this year, the East African Nights of Torelence, an annual contemporary dance festival unfolds in style.

East African Nights of Torelence Dance Festival Returns
Contemporary Dance

Holding vast in stock on its 6th edition, the festival’s official premiere on November 28 at Kigali’s City Blue hotel ushers in participants from countries Rwanda, Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Bènin, Cameroom, Democratic Republic of Congo, Togo, Belgium, France, Spain and USA.

With performances kicking off since November 29 till December 3 at One Love in Kigali, the festival revolves around various stage acts inspired through teamwork, struggle, love, quest for freedom and other themes.

Here is the detailed performance lineup

East African Nights of Torelence Dance Festival Returns
Programme for the performance


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