Sekajugo’s Latest Art Innovation


Latest to watch out for is Collin Sekajugo’s craft. The artist gives his audience a meditative mood, which we believe has already sparked debate amongst those  who have so far witnessed his art. His latest innovation is a series of mixed media art works which are so attached to the artist.

Hanging,a 150 cm by 150 cm painting
Untitled a 60 cm by 60 cm painting
EITHER WAY, a 120cm by 70cm, Mixed media on board

Truth is how in Artistry, the maker(Artist) is attached to their works, but Sekajugo is physically fused to his latest creations. In creation of this anonymous theme, Sekajugo first posed for a photo shoot, then using himself as a subject, he incorporated Onto a board

The artist, who is also the founder of Uganda’s WEAVER BIRD – Community for the Arts and Ivuka Art Centre in Rwanda has taken a really great and unique approach as regards self reflection is concerned.

Sekajugo’s own artwork reflects on his social conscience; the link between art and community and the desire for social transformation in Africa. Sekajugo has traveled extensively in Africa, Europe and North America while participating at international artists’ conferences, workshops and residencies through which he is quickly gaining international name recognition.


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