Top Five Kenyan Short Films you Need to Check Out


With Kenya having spanned in business, it certainly does well and might be the leading East African country when it comes to film making. Our team reviews some of the first set of short films you should look out for.

1. After You
The 2014 short-film of how a young man struggles finding out the meaning of life after his wife’s death. But the pain of this loss weighs him down to the point of suicide. Produced by Kennedy Karicho Mungai and directed by Chisomo Nkhoma, it keeps one glued to the screen, yet indeed anxious.

Watch After You


A woman who is grief-stricken by her secrets and lies to a point of confession. A depiction of a cooperate family, well doing- but torn apart by the craze of the busy devotion to work that the husband holds- leaving family apart.
This Short Film was ranked at the 32nd position out of 1190 in a global competition, My Rode Reel last year.

Watch Confession 


Imagine a day in life of a child living in Kibera, a Nairobi slum. It well depicts life and the hustle of a slum boy.

This film has scooped several awards and has numerous nominations including the 2015 Newport Beach Film Festival and 2015 Seattle International Film Festival. It was last year one of The 7 (seven) short films streamed live in the Starbucks digital Network during the feature of Starbucks Magazine cover in May.

Watch Zawadi


Raising the adrenaline is this film. KARMA is a movie about conspiracy in Kenya. It was inspired by a book called ‘BROKEN COVENANT.’ It is a production by students of AFTTTI.


5.The Legend of Ngong Hills;

With Kenya currently the best in animation industry among East Africa, our team couldn’t miss out on featuring a project.

Based upon a Maasai folktale, ‘The Legend of Ngong Hills‘ is the creation story of these magnificent hills that backdrop present day Nairobi, Kenya.
The film directed by Kwame Nyong’o is of a humongous and frightful Ogre of the forest, who has a habit of attacking the Maasai village, falls in love with the beautiful young maiden…a story of greed, tyranny and courage.

Watch The Legend of Ngong Hills 


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