Isaiah Katumwa Shares Something about his Jazz Inspiration

Legendary Afro-Jazz Musician Isaiah Katumwa is one whose passion and acts continuously eat deep into Jazz music lovers. Having practiced the Jazz genre for the last 22 years, Katumwa lives to the tale of a once hidden music genre.

The self-taught artist delivers the African Smooth Jazz, which is a compilation of identity, influence and the gospel element to it.

“When I speak to Jazz great in the west, they can tell how its smooth Jazz, from an East African angle, which is a sound representation am proudly part of, ” he explains.

Even when he has before done several private gigs, his return on November 3rd , where he is to perform at the Kigali Jazz Junction is the second public performance, yet the first one where he is the event’s main guest act.

With just last year, the event was another furnace bridging various local and international Jazz acts. Spearheaded by the Neptunez Band, a Rwandan band, which comprises of exquisite instrumentalists and vocalists, the event further hosted acts who cemented Jazz lovers’ spirit
Isaiah Katumwa(Right) joins Neptunez Band in Performance

Katumwa’s journey into Jazz spans just East African, and African boarders, through high ranking festivals and events, where he has not only graces stages, but also held collaborations with Jazz stars like Hugh Masekela, Joseph Hellon, Chaka Chaka, Oliver Mtukudzi, Erikah Badu, Phil Driscoll, Charmant Mushaga among other music Maestros,

“Art is me, but I also borrow experience from the society,” he explains.

Katumwa and Charmant Mushaga Performance

Over his years of experience, Katumwa has grown to learn how Jazz is an expression, which takes various forms basing on the setting and artistic exposure of a performer.

Katumwa, Masekela Performance



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