Kigali Jazz Junction Returns, Check Out your Performers


The Kigali Jazz Junction returns this month. Taking place on November 3rd at the Kigali Serena hotel, the event unveils another rich live experience. Ahead of the anticipated stage experience, get to know a little of who are to perform alongside the Neptunez Band;

Isaiah Katumwa

From Uganda, Katumwa delivers a special live feel of music. The self-taught Saxophonist has evolved with with African Smooth Jazz, a genre consisting of an Afro identity and a gospel element, which touches most audiences.

His art has further been embraced through local and international festivals, while he has shared stage with big names like Jimmy Dludlu, Hugh Masekela, Jonathan Butler among others.

Watch This Is Me by Katumwa


Andy Bumuntu

The name might be new, but not his music. Strange is how this young Rwandan artist hasn’t for long been on the scene, but his music is digging deep into souls. With a unique Rwandan blend, Bumuntu indeed holds a Rwandan tag to his songs.

The artist, who recently released Mine, another catchy hit, has entertained not many live stages, while he graced Blankets and Wine Kigali‘s first edition this year.

Gracing the Kigali Jazz Junction stages, many look out to his mega first stage appearance of a kind.



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